Are you Thinking of It?

In advocacy training to work on a crisis line, one of the scenarios we studied, expecting to eventually encounter, was a suicide call.  This call, when it comes, will most likely not feature a passionate soul extolling a dramatic threat to end their life – sobbing out wildly with a knife tempting their jugular or […]

Drynuary Challenge: Day 1(&2)

Several years ago, as an avid reader/comment-section dweller of the now sadly soulless Awl offshoot ladies space, the Hairpin, I discovered the trend of washing off the excessive holiday reverie and sodden lushness of November and December with an austere, sober 31 days.  This annual pilgrimage to a healthy mentality of clarity and control was […]

The Profanity Peak Wolf Pack is Dead

NB:  This post is a transcript of a reading from July, in which I revised and combined pieces from the preceding blog post, other speeches, as well as my lengthy research and writing on the history of wildlife management in the west. In Washington today, the remaining adults of the Profanity Peak wolf pack are shot […]