Friends of the Corridor

The Fe

The Wahkiakum Ferry in Cathlamet, WA

A New Page

A new page entitled “Stream of Consciousness Links” has appeared on the panel at the upper right hand corner of the screen.  What does it have in store for us?

Right now it simply displays a single link and a string of delicately punctuated sentences that must (if we dare presume) by some means relate to the above link.

The lonely bit of text hovering there is the internet capsule of a friend of the person (me) of whom the Van Duzer Corridor is an internet capsule.  Perhaps switch that, roll back and reverse, perhaps not, or perhaps only upside down.  I’m sure you can puzzle it out.

It felt palatable to associate with Andrew this morning – productive and fine.

There could be other friends of the corridor, but I haven’t asked anyone else yet or dared to presume (although based on the history of presumptions here we are so far 0ne for one).

When we make another friend we’ll push a ladder over; you can lean it up against their window and crawl through.  I’ll provide a new set of stream of consciousness stepping stones; they’ll be placed elegantly in the creek for graceful crossings.

Ed. Another friend climbed the ladder; we’ve two friends now.

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