Top Ten Places in America to Have your Heart Broken


  1. The diving board of the community swimming pool.
  2. On top of the stump of a tree that has fallen over sideways in a dry creek bed, the root system exposed: it is ten feet tall.
  3. The farthest back pew in a thickly carpeted protestant sanctuary with only the altar lights on; 8pm, a Wednesday.
  4. A basement in Felony Flats with a dirty floor and torn tapestries hanging on the wall; it smells like spilled cooking sherry and mildew.
  5.  The Smoky Mountains.
  6.  A plastic yellow bench on the top level of a ferry travelling across the Puget Sound.
  7. In a cobblestone alley in a hot place, but under the shade of a nearby building, leaning against a cold marble wall, knowing it is real marble because it is cold to touch even in this hot place.
  8. The impressionism wing of the Art Institute of Chicago.
  9. Outside of a bar on a sidewalk curb that was built for a time when there were still carriages running the city streets, next to a dumpster with wet pieces of cardboard spilling out and a smashed banana and a broken Miller Lite bottle inside a plastic bag on the ground
  10. US Highway 97 (The Dalles-California Highway), at dusk.

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