The Prudent Paralegal is Prepared for Beasts and Spirits in the Wild

Did you wonder: what is it like to work in the legal field?  How best to be prepared for the dangers and wonders that lurk there – beneath the vines and the mangrove roots, in the swamps and bogs, on the wide and rolling plains full of beasts and spirits?  

Because working in a law office is a wild and fraught adventure, requiring skill, agility, and bravery:


The prudent paralegal comes to work prepared for disaster and accomplishment of all kinds. 


She keeps one pocket knife at the ready on the corner of her desk.


She keeps one more in her pocket, and one more in her rucksack.


Her rucksack is always at her side: it is full of both items useful for survival (small scissors, material for lighting fire) and decoy items: an empty bread bag, a broken earring.


She wears boots for spry and explosive walking in rough terrain, or sandals which can be easily slipped off to softly track an animal in the sand or to distract a dangerous pursuer (by taking off the sandal and throwing it in the other direction), or can be worn while walking into river water without fear.


There is an empty jar at hand for impending and necessary purposes.


She wears a woolen vest: more versatile than a sweater.


She does not shriek in horror at the fruit flies but rather slowly earns their trust, knowing the day may come when she may need several dozen sticky, perching friends.


She keeps the set of socket wrenches in the truck.


She brings fruit: small oranges and avocadoes.  The legal world is rife with scurvy, and these hard tangerines may be likewise used as weapons.  Their peels are tough and, once collected, can be formed into a sturdy and waterproof shelter.


What adventures will we find today?



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