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100% True Facts about Cougars

  Cougar Facts: 100% True Cougar facts about Cougars in Oregon   Cougars, also called mountain Lions, catamounts, panthers, pumas, demon-hearted love cats, scream catchers, tawny-ass clawbearers, or man-eating pussy queens are North America‚Äôs largest felid. They are widespread across the western part of the continent and enjoy rocky outcroppings, caves, and thickets. Cougars are […]


Crossroads is the new Saturday Night Fever

On Sunday night we watch bad movies on VHS in the Rumpus Room (RR) usually around the same time I complete a stranger’s assigned essay writing for money, and this past Sunday we watched Crossroads and I agreed to write an essay about it, not for money. I will write about Crossroads for free. I […]