An open letter to the internet

Dear @muh_patriarchy, I would like to formally apologize for making snippy comments on pictures you posted to last night. I was trying to show my brother the late-July #catsagainstfeminism response to the #womenagainstfeminism phenomenon that directly preceded it, and I was frustrated to see that the more recent posts were not clever feline anthropomorphisms, […]

Mr. Believefire/On the Reproduction of Capitalism/The divorced and childish fathers of the late 20th century

I generally feel alienated by most mainstream media: wronged, deprived of connection to my “culture,” lost and alone in a world of sexist mediocrity, etc. This feeling is different when I rewatch movies from my childhood. It’s worse. I connected to society with these movies. I formed my identity, decided who I was and would be […]