my computer’s got a problem with me

Is this how everybody else deals with this? In this example, a climactic scene from AMC’s Breaking Bad, as viewed on netflix.   The medium is the message, after all, and the medium is inescapably this computer nowadays, and so, Emmet Otter sings to me from youtube. Fun fact: youtube offered to show us Emmet Otter’s […]

Was Ursula Le Guin speaking to anyone else directly last night?

Before the actual transcript of Le Guin’s speech was posted to the internet, scores of folks posted their CONTEXT/PERSONAL OPINION — QUOTE — CONTEXT/PERSONAL OPINION — QUOTE — CONTEXT/PERSONAL OPINION essay. The speech is awesome—more awesome than the 85-year-old pacific northwest legend flipping the bird/mic dropping scene that it was on the surface. Kind of. Here […]