Bill Cosby Collection

Bill Cosby Records Will you hate me if I say I want these? I would like your cosby records if still available. I can pick up tomorrow. Thank you I am looking to get rid of my Bill Cosby vinyl comedy albums. I can come swing by any minute if I hear from you soon. […]

21st Century Boyhood Approximated

Finally watching Boyhood after half of year of laudatory reviews and full-episode Fresh Air interviews was surreal to say the least. It turns out the movie is a unique kind of mediocre, the kind of special failure generally reserved for a James Cameron movie. A paranoia sets in, suddenly nothing is taken for granted—what is this culture, who are […]

Thumbtacks on the Hawthorne Bridge, or John Carpenter is a better journalist than the internet

“Most people aren’t just bicyclists or car drivers or people who walk. Most of us are cyclodrivarians — we do it all, so people have that experience of being in different positions at different times.” —Rob Sadowsky of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance I’ve recently taken over the twitter of a bike non-profit in Portland, and […]

Who is Your Enemy?

Twenty years ago, wolves came back to the western United States. They were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park after a series of complicated maneuvers around funding, state law, and the endangered species act, so they might be protected and their value insured. At the time, a lot of people were not happy about it. A […]