Drynuary Challenge Day 3&4:: Which Mountain are You? (THE QUIZ!)

Still wrapped in the fog of a face-melting, reality shredding illness, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may have wrested this hellish cloud upon myself by repeatedly simply not getting a flu shot every time I walked by a pharmacy in a Fred Meyer or a Walgreens for the past three months.  After failing in my civic duty toward those with compromisable immune systems, the least I could do was not leave the house for the four days I’m indentured to this coughing and shivering regimen.  Which I’ve done, quite happily!  And, as such, I’ve yet to encounter any temptation to indulge in boozes.  A hot toddy didn’t even sound appealing last night when all I really wanted was lemon tea.  

The most remarkable accomplishment of my bed rest so far is this quiz I made, for discovery of what type of mountain you may be!


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