Annex - Dietrich, Marlene (Morocco)_04

The Van Duzer Corridor is a stretch of Oregon highway that doubles as a state park, named after former Oregonian and highway commission vice president Henry B. Van Duzer.  It was once a wagon road.  Travellers on this road were either going to or coming from or wishing to go along the Salmon River.  There was a toll station there once where there is now a parking lot and picnic area.  This area charges a small day use fee in summer.  The Van Duzer Corridor is a geophysical feature that tunnels warm winds.

The Van Duzer Corridor is a place to hang one’s hat.  The Van Duzer Corridor is a place to walk your dog deftly; minding the small shoulder or the thick ferns.  The Van Duzer Corridor is a fool’s errand and a pragmatist’s scorn.  The Van Duzer Corridor is taller than you remembered and goes by faster than you thought it would. 

The Van Duzer Corridor is a space brought to you by dwellers of the Pacific Northwest.  The Pacific Northwest is Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Western Montana (and some say even the mountainous zones of Idaho).  For our purposes, we shall annex the Monterey Bay region of the California central coast. 

In this space, we hope to look for connections between critical theory and the lived experience of people we are, know, or have heard of.  We wish to filter big ideas through pop culture and question everything, particularly social constructions and ideologies that enforce a stratified society.  We hope to examine how communication works in our world now and make room for a new kind of discourse.  If you would like to contribute to long form thoughtful discussion, we welcome submissions – please e-mail us at thevanduzercorridor@gmail.com.


Here are some additional thoughts on things that inform our perspective:

1.  I will never live in New York City; nor may I ever even walk upon its sidewalks.  Everything I read that brings new ideas, art and splendour into my veneer of awareness is written in New York City.  My life is closer to a cow’s.

2.  We can stay in our rural hamlets now and not be dull sighted dim witted and unawares; we’ve got the internet; it’s come to us; it’s brought us a bounty; let’s eat the tomatoes as they grow crisp in the late summer months.

3.  I yearn for a world where as many teenagers form rag tag experimental theater groups as they do poorly constructed rock bands full of boys with hair in their eyes.

4.  Nothing is cute.

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