The Corpses of Discovery

“Lewis & Clark College replicates the assertion of, and benefits from, the legacy of Anglo-American white supremacy.” —Lewis & Clark Black Lives Matter, “Official Vision,” composed and Published from inside the Manor House “I don’t have time to hate people, I have time to love them… Don’t give hate a space in your heart.” —Tanguy […]

The Physicality of Systems

Well, dear reader, it seems we have come to that time of year where the much-fabled rupture between who we are and who we will be for the next year elegantly splits us off a reawakened better version of ourselves. We are the early strawberry picked from the vine as we simultaneously are the picker, […]

Police Tweets about May Day

While it is a privilege to follow a news event in nearly real time without the dilutions, biases, etc. that come with the mainstream media sausage creation, following something like the May Day march in Portland, Oregon through a twitter hashtag has its own setbacks. One such setback is a human being who has this […]

Reaching out

I suppose I should reach out to someone at this point after all this time pinballing back and forth between these blocks and and living rooms, screens and keyboards. They say you can get lost out here. In here. On here. Between here and there. But they also say don’t hold on too long, even […]

The Legacy of horse_ebooks and the Creation of Thought

Simply put, a human, like a crude machine, receives inputs and creates outputs. A writer is like an adding machine, if you’re into that kind of thing. One may remove certain inputs—like conscious control, intention, etc.—for purposefully unexpected outputs, and add inputs—like drugs, sleepiness, etc.—for similar happy accidents. This is automatic writing. It takes out […]

A Gray Area

We knew there was a gray area, and we took intentional steps to try to clearly separate her volunteer activities as first lady from her paid professional work. —Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber The amiable co-editor of the Van Duzer Corridor told me that the other day she shared what she has coined the John Muir Paradox […]

Bill Cosby Collection

Bill Cosby Records Will you hate me if I say I want these? I would like your cosby records if still available. I can pick up tomorrow. Thank you I am looking to get rid of my Bill Cosby vinyl comedy albums. I can come swing by any minute if I hear from you soon. […]

21st Century Boyhood Approximated

Finally watching Boyhood after half of year of laudatory reviews and full-episode Fresh Air interviews was surreal to say the least. It turns out the movie is a unique kind of mediocre, the kind of special failure generally reserved for a James Cameron movie. A paranoia sets in, suddenly nothing is taken for granted—what is this culture, who are […]

Thumbtacks on the Hawthorne Bridge, or John Carpenter is a better journalist than the internet

“Most people aren’t just bicyclists or car drivers or people who walk. Most of us are cyclodrivarians — we do it all, so people have that experience of being in different positions at different times.” —Rob Sadowsky of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance I’ve recently taken over the twitter of a bike non-profit in Portland, and […]