Joryville Park Part of a life long series on the county parks of Oregon             How does one Get to the Park? On the Marion County parks website the directions to Joryville park are listed as:   14 miles out Liberty Road, then two miles to Jory Road, then one […]

Friends of the Corridor

A New Page A new page entitled “Stream of Consciousness Links” has appeared on the panel at the upper right hand corner of the screen.  What does it have in store for us? Right now it simply displays a single link and a string of delicately punctuated sentences that must (if we dare presume) by […]

Welcome, and Hurricane Ridge

  Watercolor of Hurricane Ridge by Andrew Shaw-Kitch, cell-phone photo taken by Andrew Shaw-Kitch, inspired by vacationers Welcome to the Van Duzer Corridor, a new magazine featuring creative arts and discussion coming from the Pacific Northwest.  Please visit the about section to learn more about the mission and concept.  And enjoy this painting of Olympic […]