Department of ’90s Studies

This stretch of the Van Duzer Corridor is devoted to that rich territory where the ’90s and Cascadia overlap, however unfortunately or successfully as you like, which, of course, is up for the hardy debate that we may here hope to host. The Tibetan Method, or Methods, are encouraged. Coffee is not mandatory, though Starbucks is discouraged. There will not be a test, except the fate of our very way of life. So, I guess there is a test. Also, I’m not referring to white supremacy, however much that is the historic Oregonian way of life. I was speaking of “our very way of life” facetiously, which, you will note, I just spelled correctly. Welcome to the ’90s: irony and notably passable spelling.


Here you may find an introduction or call to arms of sorts—no not “call to arms” like that—the opening remarks, if you like, of this 1st annual metaphorical conference. The only tote bag is the memories and insights brought to mind.

Here you may find a discussion of the legacy of Dishwasher, ‘zine culture, and bikes.

Here you may find a discussion of the ’90s sensitive-fuck-up dad trope as depicted in Mrs. Doubtfire and Liar, Liar.

And here, what the ’90s hath wrought upon the beginning of this millennium (the movie Crossroads). 

And, why not, a link to a now historic blog by one of the amiable editors of the Van Duzer Corridor (me), about Seinfeld.

Richard Linklater’s post-’90s 

Everyone have a seat, or stand up, or keep on doing what you’re doing. We look forward to everybody’s heady thoughts on Good Burger. Let’s try to keep the conversation civilized.


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