Dog Standing in Fields

Due to popular demand, I will try and keep the world abreast of:

1. When Sophie is standing in a field

2.  What she looks like doing it

I’ll make my selections based on an attempt to showcase general majesty and variety (we often visit the same fields, but in different seasons, sometimes she is gleeful, sometimes dignified, sometimes rain is getting in her eyes etc.) and will omit any photographs of Sophie standing in other places where she is often found, such as roads, trails, groves of trees, sidewalks or patios.  I might include rivers when her legs are submerged up to the approximate area of a “knee,” due to the similarities in plane and expanse.


a retrospective

1.  Date: Some time last winter (note snow).

Location: Top secret

Mood of Photo:  Thoughtful

kelly butte field

2.  Date: December, 2011

Location:  Field at top of Joryville Park

Mood of Photo:  Inquisitive


3.  Date: Approx. February (or March?) , 2013

Location:  Dodge County Park

Mood of photo:  imperialistic

dogde county park sophie

4.  Date: April?? March?? 2013

Location: John Day County Park

Mood of photo:  bombastic

john day county park sophie

5.  Date:  Last fall

Location: Back yard

Mood of photo:  rainy

rainy sophie

6. Date: July, 2013

Location: Mt. Jefferson

Mood: Wild

mt. jefferson

7.  Date: July, 2013

Location: Spong’s Landing county park

Mood: Puzzled


8.  Date: October 9th, 2013 (That was Wednesday!)

Location:  Bomb shelter

Mood: Wistful

kelly middle

9.  Date: Early December, 2013

Location: Clear cut (counts as field), Mt. Hood National Forest, near Forest Road 36

Mood: Resourceful


10.  Date: Thanksgiving, 2013

Location: Turner City Park

Mood: Bountiful


11.  Location: Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Bird Track Springs Campground

Date: November 30th, 2013

Mood: Relieved

(Note:  I debated the inclusion of this photo and I admit that its Field Status is arguable at best.  I may have been swayed by the location, a bit further east than Sophie and I had traveled in a while and a very nice campground [to which I’ve included the link], and the occasion, which was directly after I had taken a very long computerized test.  Please advise if you believe this photo to be an inappropriate addition to the catalog).


12.  Date: January 24th, 2014

Location: Mountain View Cemetery, Community of Corbett, extraordinarily accurately named.  (Note: if you look up this green space using Google Maps, you’ll observe a confusing inconsistency that marks the cemetery as existing concurrently in two places, almost adjacent but on opposite sides of both Smith and Evans Roads.  This is false.  If you travel this way, heed the hill of purple cabbage to the west and turn toward it, not looking back).

Mood: Blustery


13.  Location: Turner City Park

Date:  December maybe 8th,  2013

Mood:  Riveted


14.  Location: Bonesteele Park

Date: October 13th, 2013

Mood: Glad


15.  Location:  Hopewell Cemetery (Note:  This is not certain!  It could also be the Aurora Cemetery, the Aurora Loof Cemetery, or maybe the Gervais Masonic Cemetery.  I’ll have to look into the issue). 

Date: October 11th, 2013

Mood: Stately


16.  Location: Field in forest near Breitenbush (I wasn’t there, Sophie did this while I was out of town somewhere else.  She did not take these two photos herself, they were taken by Sophie-fan Bob Fanshier).

Date: February 1st, 2014

Mood: OH BOY!


17.  Again; same details.

Mood: Oft upon the horizon . . .


18.  Location: Butteville Cemetery, near some big ol’ mushrooms.

Date: October 11th, 2013

Mood: dreamy


19.  Location: The Bunker, the butte

Date: 2/16/2014

Mood: American




Location: The shore of Boulder Lake, Mt. Hood National Forest (lake shores: field enough?  This editor says yes).

Date: Yesterday

Mood: Rainbow

boulder lake


Location: Clearcut, Santiam State Forest

Date: June?  Early June?  We were with Caitlin maybe she knows.

Mood: Vast/contemplative/mischievous




Location: The shores of Rhody Lake

Date: The same as above.  We ate jerky, we saw bees, we did not contract poison oak poisoning.

Mood:  satisfyingly lost



Location: Bonesteele ❤

Date: I don’t know

Mood: I wasn’t there actually so I can’t exactly say?!?



Location: Mt. Hood National Forest near Estacada, close off the 224, above 2,000 ft.

Date: Early March I believe

Mood: Quizzical (the tarps fell down when it snowed and we were sleeping under them)



Location: same

Date: approximately 30 minutes later, having had coffee (sophie had not had coffee, I had)

Mood: Buoyant




Location: Clearcut, Mt. Hood National Forest.  It was before Zig Zag and I went south off the 26 and then cut into the forest.  I can show you on a map where it was but it was, as evidenced here, mainly clear cuts.

Date:  This must have been in March.  I drove here and thought about if I should move to Montana.  I did not.

Mood: Pensive





Location: Camp Creek Campground, Mt. Hood.

Date: April, the day before me and Carol performed in the Monkeys Variety Show.  I was hungover because I had slept in my truck the night before.  Me and sophie took a nap in this camp ground and drove up a steep road chocked with puddles I could not see the bottom of.

Mood: Hopeful



Location:  Butte Creek, Santiam State Forest

Date: June

Mood: sparkly



Location: I actually do NOT KNOW WHERE THIS IS

Date: Duh!!!  No Clue!!

Mood:  “WOW!!”



Location: Our yard ❤ , near the Frank Gehry inspired bamboo raised bed, can you see her?

Date: Last week, middle July

Mood: Anticipatory



Location: Bull Run River

Date: Probably the second Wednesday in July

Mood: Like an Elk




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