The Profanity Peak Wolf Pack is Dead

NB:  This post is a transcript of a reading from July, in which I revised and combined pieces from the preceding blog post, other speeches, as well as my lengthy research and writing on the history of wildlife management in the west. In Washington today, the remaining adults of the Profanity Peak wolf pack are shot […]

Hands off Stand Off Lands Off Mans Off

thoughts on “the situation” I know I’m not the only person in the world who, not living near the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, cares about the Malheur Wildlife Refuge – or really, any of the wide, open parched lands of southeastern Oregon.   I’ve known, of course, that people who don’t live there, but, like me, have […]

The Corpses of Discovery

“Lewis & Clark College replicates the assertion of, and benefits from, the legacy of Anglo-American white supremacy.” —Lewis & Clark Black Lives Matter, “Official Vision,” composed and Published from inside the Manor House “I don’t have time to hate people, I have time to love them… Don’t give hate a space in your heart.” —Tanguy […]