Hands off Stand Off Lands Off Mans Off

thoughts on “the situation” I know I’m not the only person in the world who, not living near the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, cares about the Malheur Wildlife Refuge – or really, any of the wide, open parched lands of southeastern Oregon.   I’ve known, of course, that people who don’t live there, but, like me, have […]

The Corpses of Discovery

“Lewis & Clark College replicates the assertion of, and benefits from, the legacy of Anglo-American white supremacy.” —Lewis & Clark Black Lives Matter, “Official Vision,” composed and Published from inside the Manor House “I don’t have time to hate people, I have time to love them… Don’t give hate a space in your heart.” —Tanguy […]

The Physicality of Systems

Well, dear reader, it seems we have come to that time of year where the much-fabled rupture between who we are and who we will be for the next year elegantly splits us off a reawakened better version of ourselves. We are the early strawberry picked from the vine as we simultaneously are the picker, […]

Police Tweets about May Day

While it is a privilege to follow a news event in nearly real time without the dilutions, biases, etc. that come with the mainstream media sausage creation, following something like the May Day march in Portland, Oregon through a twitter hashtag has its own setbacks. One such setback is a human being who has this […]