An open letter to the internet

Dear @muh_patriarchy, I would like to formally apologize for making snippy comments on pictures you posted to last night. I was trying to show my brother the late-July #catsagainstfeminism response to the #womenagainstfeminism phenomenon that directly preceded it, and I was frustrated to see that the more recent posts were not clever feline anthropomorphisms, […]

Mr. Believefire/On the Reproduction of Capitalism/The divorced and childish fathers of the late 20th century

I generally feel alienated by most mainstream media: wronged, deprived of connection to my “culture,” lost and alone in a world of sexist mediocrity, etc. This feeling is different when I rewatch movies from my childhood. It’s worse. I connected to society with these movies. I formed my identity, decided who I was and would be […]

Email to a Young Poet and/or Emails to Orpheus

It is the privilege and impracticality of an artist that life should be a constant and never-ending spirit quest.  On this journey one follows signs, clues and instincts, and encounters elders, often ones who have already traversed a very similar path and managed the early stages of exploration, obscurity, struggle, and emerged either triumphant or […]

Ask a 1967-1971 Dolly Parton

  Hello and welcome to our new advice column, where we take your tricky relationship love problems, hand them over to the wisdom of 1967-1971 Dolly Parton, and let her turn your sour pickles into filling sunshine dew drops that taste like mountain apple candy and hydrate your dry-skinned soul.  Yum!   Enough dilly dallying, let’s […]

i luv u katy

100% True Facts about Cougars

  Cougar Facts: 100% True Cougar facts about Cougars in Oregon   Cougars, also called mountain Lions, catamounts, panthers, pumas, demon-hearted love cats, scream catchers, tawny-ass clawbearers, or man-eating pussy queens are North America’s largest felid. They are widespread across the western part of the continent and enjoy rocky outcroppings, caves, and thickets. Cougars are […]

Getting Paid to Put Out Academic Content

Dear reader, I have compromised my integrity as a cultural critic. Joy no longer describes my writing. It has been replaced by anxiety. The very ability to write these sentences has been postponed by the corruption of my position. My writing circumstances have been revolutionized by my recent ability to quit my previous job and […]

A Tiny Collection and a Teensy Conspiracy Theory: Best Banned Country Songs

The short story of country music is this: women have been telling some dirt truth for a while as a means of survival, as a preservation of history, and as a matter of story telling, teaching, and identity shaping.  That’s all fine and good when you can sing with your friends on your porch, but […]